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[Cross-posted from Vox.]

This memory is accurate in that way that
memories are accurate. With the gaps shaded
in, filling and connecting.

Just a bit of shading.

I remember saying this to you when we first met.
Annie Lennox and Eric Clapton played for us,
do you remember?

Stolen moments, very sweet.

And you looked at me over breakfast
tea, jam, muffins – and asked why
I was crying.

I tried to explain.

Looking for a glimmer of understanding
in your eyes of this place I find myself
in, time to time.

I took a breath.

Right now, I have baby skin, I said.
Warm, soft from your touch, yearning
for more of that.

You smiled, of course.

Translucent skin, I continued,
holding light, making me visible and
not entirely comfortable.

Your smile faded slightly.

Most of all, my skin is very thin now,
easily brusied, especially by love attempted
but not understood.

I couldn't read you then.

Then your face flashed as it does when
exasperated, frustrated. Your tea mug clanged
when you picked it up.

You stood up, clearing.

I felt my hand patted and I heard soothing words.
You were gone, to the kitchen behind me
rattling and busy.

Rattled and busy.

I knew then that my job was not to have baby skin.
Not to wear this skin that I do not wear well
yet that persists.

Certainly not to share it.

My skin did not change but my spine did
in that moment. I felt, again, the steel that
my mother put there.

Still feel it today.

That steel that keeps me upright and moving
forward. Hard to knock down, focussed.
The steel is right there.

Under the baby skin.

Crisp Click Here To Comment!

[Cross-posted from Vox.]

Sweet, clean ice.

First night out.



Hollow blades … round blades

I-hear-you-coming blades.


First intake of breath

Tasty wood smoke and the full moon.

Second breath … someone wearing musk.

Served on plates of air, purging the mind.


Grins behind grills.

Winks under woolly hats.

Sweat soaking socks, chilling

Smiles, warming.


(These images brought to you by The Women of Winter.)

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