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Night Drive

Setting: Driving home around midnight from vet emergency clinic. Raining. Fog. Window wipers.

Big Dee: You are driving pretty slow.

Me: Yes. I haven’t done a lot of night driving lately – no reason to. And it is raining and misty. And … cataracts.

Big Dee: That is a lot of information.

Me: Sorry – I can’t see perfectly at the moment.

Big Dee: OK.

… window wipers …

Me: How are you feeling?

Big Dee: Tired. Not quite right.

Me: Any pain?

Big Dee: Not as such. Not 100% comfortable.

Me: I’m sorry.

Big Dee: (collar tinkling noise) Good night time window sniffs though.

Me: I’m glad.

… window wipers …

Big Dee: What is a spleen?

Me: Something inside your body that helps make your blood stronger.

Big Dee: Oh. … a good thing then.

Me: Yes. A very good thing.

Big Dee: What is a tumor?

Me: Something that grows inside your body that shouldn’t be there.

Big Dee: Oh … a bad thing then.

Me: Yes, my love. Very bad.

… window wipers …

Big Dee: What will it be like?

Me: I don’t know sweetheart. I don’t know.

Big Dee: I think I know.

Me: Tell me.

Big Dee: I think it is like going for a car ride at night. You can’t see too far ahead, only what is in front of you.

Me: OK.

Big Dee: And every once in a while, the car will stop and there will be new sniffs and places to pee.

Me: Sounds reasonable.

Big Dee: And off lead walks to explore.

Me: Oh I’m so glad! You love those.

Big Dee: You won’t be there, though.

Me: No, no I won’t baby. I’m sorry.

Big Dee: I’ll wait for you at one of the stops. You’ll come.

Me: Yes, I will.

Big Dee: And then you can drive the rest of the way.

… window wipers …

Big Dee: You’ve slowed down again. We’ll never get home at this rate.

Me: Sorry. I really can’t see at all now.

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One comment to “Night Drive”

  1. Oh, Liz…. So very sorry. You are right, we are never ready for these times. Big Dee was a very fortunate girl to be loved and given such a wonderful life. My heart goes out to you..

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