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Ted Lasso Blew It

Too many sad old stereotypes are being played out in my beloved Ted Lasso and it is making me sad. We are a few days away from the final episode of Season Three being released and I wish I was feeling better about it. For a show that has challenged so many tropes … it clings to a few about “my tribe”.

  1. Lesbian as predator. Jack’s funding of KJPR was clearly predatory, an attempt to capture Keeley. This predator role is, in reality, much more the purview of straight white men.
  2. Lesbians can’t have healthy relationships. Keeley/Jack was NEVER healthy, balanced or truly supportive. Meanwhile, all the other relationships in the show are modelling growth and healthy honesty, vulnerability. Apparently, lesbians can’t do that in the world of Ted Lasso. Why?
  3. Lesbian relationships can’t last. In fairness, Rebecca hasn’t had something last, romantically speaking.
  4. Straight guy will show straying woman true love. This one bothers me the most, I think, although the predatory stigma stings also. Here comes newly vulnerable, emotionally honest Roy to save the day. I like Roy. I like Keeley. I like them together. I don’t like that a feeble attempt at showing a lesbian relationship has resulted in Keeley and Roy reuniting. Meanwhile, Colin gets to be embraced and loved for who he is. Great and also … why can’t the gay woman exist happily in this universe? Why does she have to be straight again?

Just once, I’d love to see a lesbian as a hero, as strong, independent, capable, and able to partner with someone else strong, independent and capable in a healthy way. Why is this so difficult?

Answering my own question … it is difficult because men are writing the scripts and producing the work. A woman who does not need a man is a threat. We can’t have that.

We (lesbians) can’t have nice things, apparently. I await some future iteration, perhaps Theodora Lasso, Ted’s grandaughter maybe, who sets things right.

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One comment to “Ted Lasso Blew It”

  1. OK – Item #4 did not come to pass. I stand by the rest. 🙂

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