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I. Am Losing. My Mind.

Some loyal and valiant readers will recall that I bought a watch in April that I loved. I don’t much care for loving “things” but this watch, as soon as I put it on, was mine. It was “me”. Sturdy, solid … a bit shiny.

Perhaps my readership will not remember me acquiring the watch as it was a quiet little love affair I was having with it that I got very noisy about when it ended. The watch disappeared. Lost? Stolen? Misplaced? Gone for a long walk out for milk? Hard to say. I’ve turned my apartment inside out looking for it. Gone.

After months of mourning, and watching sales, I finally took a deep breath last week and replaced the watch with a very very similar watch. Same make. Similarly sturdy, solid, shiny. My affections were immediately tranferred.

I showed my new watch off, imagining permanence and stability. I showed my students, who tired of me glancing at my phone to check the time, making me seem like a very distracted professor indeed.

Unlike other parts of my life, I’m a one-watch kinda girl. I only need one. It has to be “the” one. In watchdom, I am monogamous.

I clearly remember seeing the watch in my locker last night as I was getting dressed after working out. I remember putting it on and hearing the satisfying click of the watch band snapping into place.

This morning … gone. I have looked everywhere and I am on the verge of being late to depart to campus. Gone. I’ve looked EVERY possible place. Every pocket, every surface, every drawer it might have fallen into. I have called the gym and no watch was turned in last night, just in case my memory is truly faulty.

As I have said before, I DO NOT lose expensive things like this. This is not a $1.99 K-Mart special. I am a careful person, especially with things that matter to me.

WTF is going on here, other than the universe toying with my watch affections …????

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10 comments to “I. Am Losing. My Mind.”

  1. I hope you find it! Wouldn’t it be ironic if you found BOTH of them?

  2. Ironic, yes. Mystifying also. Somewhat gratifying. I picture them huddled somewhere together in a corner, the two watches, hiding from me. Planning their escape … see? I’m losing my mind over these stupid inanimate objects. Help must be found.

    Watches Anonymous?

  3. Oh, no! This is too sad. But, I have a feeling about it. it is not lost. It is patiently waiting to be found. It will be found. It will. It will. I wonder if one can buy tracking devices for watches?

  4. I’m ecstatic, and humbled, to report that the stray watch has returned home, via a kind and honest person at my gym. Apparently, my memory is faulty. I know I saw it in my locker, but the part about snapping it snugly down on my wrist is a wee bit suspect.

    I am humbled at the honesty and generosity of some folks.

    I want to learn to manage my attachment to “things” better … until I do, I’m so very happy my watch is home! 🙂

  5. I lost my cellphone in a sobeys on the way home from the airport the other day. The sobeys was in etobicoke. A woman found it and called the last number called, and after some palaver, I picked it up at dundas and george st. The woman wouldn’t take any cash, and hadn’t called poland or anything with it, but did she she’d just lost her job and if I knew of any waitress jobs…. so I’m putting that out to the universe. She’s honest and friendly and nice ;-).

  6. I wish I could open a restaurant, just to be able to offer her a job. Great story.

  7. I’m trying to figure out how a person loses a cell phone in Sobey’s. Did you nestle it in amongst the radishes after a call? Set it down beside the Cheerios? Dump it by the dairy section?

    I hope the universe responds appropriately to your cell phone guardian angel.

  8. My guess is that while in the toothbrush and toothpaste section, the phone’s bluetooth jumped out to be among her own.

  9. I was very very very jetlagged. I probably put it in the freezer, just like I do at home.

  10. What’s going on, is that watches are BASTARDS. Absolute bastards. Especially the solid, sturdy ones.

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