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Days Alive

According to this site, I’ve been alive for 16,537 days!

My 10,000th day was February 13, 1991.
My 15,000th day was October 22, 2004.
My 20,000th day will be July 1, 2018.
My 25,000th day will be March 9, 2032.
My 30,000th day will be November 18, 2045.
My 35,000th day will be July 31, 2059.

Based on this, I estimate the following:

15,260 days – The number of days Julie Andrews has been on my radar.

13,434 – The number of days since I first picked up a guitar.

11,792 – The number of days of my longest active friendship.

9,237 – The number of days I’ve been a one or two cup a day coffee drinker. Wow – that could mean as many as 18,474 cups of coffee. Just a sec while I set up the coffee maker for cups 18,475 and 18,476.

8,631 – The number of days I’ve been “out” as a lesbian. At least to myself. More than half of my days, now.

8,393 – The number of days since I was last physically intimate with a male partner.

8,242 – The number of days since my first (of o so many) bone-crushingly achingly painful heart-break. (Cue Melissa Etheridge.)

4,589 – The number of days since the first time I saw Julie Andrews perform live on Broadway! 🙂

3,989 – The number of days since my creative mentor, Warren, died.

3,912 – The number of days since my sweet (ha!) Sidney, cat of 1,000 dreams, soulcat, hellcat, myforevercat, was euthanized due to complications resulting from feline diabetes. He was approximately 5,475 days old.

3,869 – The number of days that have passed since my Mom died. (It was a bad few months, early 1998. The days number off the same, but they sure felt heavier then.)

3,464 – The number of days since I went to the UK for the first time and discovered my lovely lesbian cousin with the same name as me!

2,604 – The number of days since the end of my last long-term relationship.

1,642 – The number of days I’ve been living at my current location.

54 – The number of days I was alive before John F. Kennedy was shot. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to know that number. 🙂

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One comment to “Days Alive”

  1. Love the meme, and can’t imagine a better award than “The Venus Award of Merit for Complexity Grounded in Humanity.” Heh. Am awed ;-).

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