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Retro #2: Counting Blessings

[Cross-Posted from Vox.]

I skipped my December 23, 2005
post from Retro #1. In it, I listed all the things I was grateful for
at that moment. Here is an updated version with revised yet oddly
similar content…

  1. My continued good health: Still allowing me to enjoy all the rest of it.
  2. My country:
    International news remains bleak and terrifying. I still count myself as being absurdly lucky to live in
    Canada. This is the finest place on earth to live, without exception,
    even with the snow.
  3. My job:
    There have been some ups and downs this year, what with going on strike
    during the coldest month of the year, and one of our colleagues dying
    from injuries sustained on the picket line. Still, in truth, I have the
    best job in the world.
    Immediately around me, I also have the best colleagues in the world.
    Blessings on all your houses in 2007!
  4. My apartment:
    I loved it when I saw the floor plans, I loved watching it being built,
    I hated moving in and finding nasty surprises, I loved it that most of
    the nasty surprises were resolved, I love the colours and the art and
    the kitchen and how the place glows when the sun rises and shines early
    morning light through the east windows. I love the tree outside my
    window. I love being able to walk easily to so many places and having
    access to not one but two subway stations. I love parking underground,
    especially in the winter. I'm not a big fan of the stairs, but they do fit into some New Year's Resolutions I've got brewing.
  5. Music:
    … There was less of it this year, for me, than I would have liked.
    (Another New Year's Resolution!) But, as far as listening goes, it was
    a good year with Dixie Chicks, Sarah Harmer and a few other new
    discoveries to keep me engaged.
  6. "New" Friends & "Old" Friends:
    2006 was a wonderful year for feeling more solid with a community of
    good solid people who "get" me, and whom I also "get". Such
    interesting, grounded, creative people. The deliniation between "new"
    and "old" friends has gotten a bit blurry this year. I like that. 🙂
  7. Texas
    Not so much the state as the person who was a big part of my life this
    year. With a single statement in June, you cracked some inner code of
    mine that needed cracking, for which I will always be grateful. I wish
    I had been able to return the favour. With warmth and affection, I wish
    for you comfort, peace and much love in 2007.
  8. Two Fabulous House Leagues (Women's Hockey): What a diverse, funny, warm, outrageous group of women I've been blessed to find!  Incredible fun, twice a week … wow!
  9. My computer:
    2005 brought its share of horrific, and costly, computer disasters.
    2006 has been calm and steady and reliable. Phew! I am especially
    grateful for Josh, world's greatest computer tech guy, who spent seven
    hours "helping me" set up an external back-up drive and an external
    firewall. 2005 Disasters = 2006 Disaster prevention! When I say
    "helping me", my part was standing back, watching and ordering pizza. A
    toast to Josh and the smoothly running, virus-free, fully backed-up
    home computer! Without this machine, I'd feel so disconnected from the
    world at large.
  10. Curve:  Each year, the community
    changes at Curve, and this year was no exception. Now that I'm
    moderating, I have to stand back a bit more and observe rather than
    participate. That's ok with me. I learn so much from the experiences of
    others. A really valuable online resource for lesbian and bi-sexual
  11. Susie Bright: Although I'm not sure how to fit her name into the song, Susie remains one of My Favourite Things. Specifically, Susie's online radio show, In Bed With Susie Bright
    is an absolute treasure, a goldmine of current information on sexual
    politics, sexuality, gender, relationship issues, and wherever else Susie's impressive mind
    wanders. The giggle alone is worth the subscription. I've been a
    subscriber for four or five years now and this is probably the best
    Internet value out there. Just search on "Susie Bright" when you get to
    the Audible site and you'll find it. She keeps me sane and laughing and
    reassured that I do not exist in a vacuum. Goddess bless Susie Bright!
  12. Re-Connecting:
    I've re-connected this year with some people (specifically an ex, and
    my most long-time friend) who have been quite distant for a while. The
    distance was, in large part, created by me. I guess I needed the time
    and space to work some things out. The re-connecting feels really good
    and I'm so glad it has happened.
  13. "All my troubles …": 2006 had more than its share of
    adversity. This does not make it a bad year. On the contrary, I'm
    gratified to feel so much more able to handle it all than I was even 12
    months ago. Two close friends have independently observed that I'm much
    better at handling the slings and arrows that get tossed at my mortal
    coil than I once was. Something to do with remembering the source.
    Without these moments of adversity, some quite extreme, I wouldn't be
    as strong as I am. So … bring it on!
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