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Planning To Fall Off The Wagon

Here is a partial list of the foods I plan to eat in my birthday week, starting with Jeffmas on Sept. 27: 

  • KFC (one piece only – that stuff'll kill ya … )
  • Big Mac
  • Pasta with blue cheese, asparagus, shrimp and pancetta
  • Indian Food @ Trimurti
  • Blue cheese on anything (everything?)
  • Ace bakery baguette with some kind of crumbly old cheese (probably not the whole baguette …)
  • Bacon
  • Sausage (the good stuff)
  • Portuguese Custard Tart
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Cookies from Tim Horton's
  • Cake, preferably chocolate, with icing
  • Butter cookies from Kaivalya
  • A cheesy croissant
  • If Lex were to volunteer gnocchi,  I wouldn't turn'em down.

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4 comments to “Planning To Fall Off The Wagon”

  1. What – no mashed potatoes?

  2. Ooo – you are right. Good one. I'm going to make a mess of my "Mashed Potatoes that actually have nutritional value" … goes like this … Equal part mashed potatoes and rutabaga, boiled 2/3 cup (one single serving container) of plain balkan style yogurtan entire head of roasted garlictwo tbsp butterI also thought of adding Magic Oven Pizza + really excellent beer to my list.

  3. You really are a foody, aren't you? I added up the number of calories and converted them into pounds. You don't want to know. 🙂

  4. If you were in Montreal, I'd recommend the 'Mish-Mash' heart-attack-on-a-plate sandwich at Cosmos…but, failing that, I know someone who makes a delectable spinach and brie omelette….

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