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Recycling Brahms

I first put this up here in January 2007, in preparation for Beth's recital. The blog entry I made back then also had a sad focus – the death of my betta fish, Diva.

This piece follows me – I love this particular recording of it that Beth made using a single mic, her Mac, and her squeaky piano stool at her beautiful home out in the country. I think maybe this would be harder to do now, with a one-year-old in the picture, yes?

I probably pull this up once or twice a month, late at night, before bed, and let it wash over me. It puts me at peace in some way.

As my summer, my fantastic year, draws to a close, I have returned to the Brahms several times. Joy, hope, disappointment, disillusionment, resolution, anticipation, fragility, growth, movement. So much movement. Activity. Calm. Anger. Love. Discovery. Course correction. New connections. Ancient connections. Broken connections. Recovery. Clarity. Strength. Perspective.

I love this music. Thanks, Beth, and Brahms. (And all the other Killer Bees … 😉 … )

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3 comments to “Recycling Brahms”

  1. Quite haunting & beautiful!

  2. Those could be labels on your spice rack…. lovely piece.

  3. Excerpt from e-mail exchange with Beth:Me: Can you please send me the sheet music for "my" Brahms? You know the one.Beth: Every woman I play that for calls it "their" Brahms! – LOL.

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