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Karrin Allyson – And So It Goes

I'm having a red-letter, re-balancing kinda day and I'm loving it. Puttering my way through some prep for starting classes. Farting around with great amusement on-line. Walking my dog. Drinking coffee. Planning meals. I tend to do all this at the same time.

Here is what makes it a true red-letter day. I had to run out quickly over lunch to get weighed and the news continues, to my utter amazement, to be good. Fascinating given what I've eaten lately. But that isn't the red-letter part.

I flipped my radio to CBC2 as I made my quick dash out – I've had enough new information today and needed some soothing, laid back jazz or classics for a few minutes. What I got was Karrin Allyson and she blew my socks off, right there in the car.

For someone to blow my socks off, the interpretation of the song has to be fully supported by talent and production values. This song is the one I heard in the car an hour or so ago. I came home and promptly bought two CDs from iTunes. I can't imagine a more perfect expression of this Billy Joel song about that knife edge place in a relationship where you've bared all and someone else needs to respond. It could go either way. It grabbed me somewhere deep.

(Here is where I tried to get the file to upload and play. But, clearly, "they" have figured out a way to prevent that from happening.)

Oh well … it is beautifully done and I recommend you fork out at least the 99 cents @ iTunes for this one song.  Lyrics appear below.

And So It Goes

In every heart there is a room

A sanctuary safe and strong

To heal the wounds from lovers past

Until a new one comes along


I spoke to you in cautious tones

You answered me with no pretense

And still I feel I said too much

My silence is my self defense


And every time I've held a rose

It seems I only felt the thorns

And so it goes, and so it goes

And so will you soon I suppose


But if my silence made you leave

Then that would be my worst mistake

So I will share this room with you

And you can have this heart to break


And this is why my eyes are closed

It's just as well for all I've seen

And so it goes, and so it goes

And you're the only one who knows


So I would choose to be with you

That's if the choice were mine to make

But you can make decisions too

And you can have this heart to break


And so it goes, and so it goes

And you're the only one who knows

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2 comments to “Karrin Allyson – And So It Goes”

  1. The reason you cannot get the file to upload to Vox is something called Digital Rights Management, or DRM for ease of spitting out with venom.This is where the record company (not the artist, producer or anyone concerned with making the music) has decided that you do not have the right to share music the same way you might a photograph or a book. They want music to be treated as Licenced Goods (where they still hold the rights) rather than Purchased Goods (where you own the stuff!)Google it. It is scary what they want, it is scary the amount of money they want to take off people they suspect of cheating them, and it is scary that at least one record company truly feels that copying a CD to your computer and transferring it to your mobile player is theft.And everything you buy from iTunes has embedded DRM. Shit, ain't it!Now I shall wander off and see if I can find somewhere to listen to Karrin and see if I like her music too. Which is the point of sharing music – to spread the love!

  2. wow. talk about good timing for this song to come into my life… thank you for sharing it with me… wish i could hear it….

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