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What to Eat / Not Eat

Haven't posted much about food lately. I'm such a foodie. This diet is killing me. Sigh. So I've been both bad and good this weekend.

Bad: Pizza from Magic Oven. OK so not "bad", actually so very very good. This one is the Gourmet Meaty Pizza (proscuitto and some other stuff, artichoke hearts, garlic spinach, two kind of cheese) and I had them add roasted red peppers. Mmmm …


Between the beer, pizza and GlenLivet … I was up three pounds the next day. Damn. 🙂

Good: Sunday a.m. Breakfast.

Two eggs scrambled with cottage and mozzarella cheese, spinach, red peppers, mushrooms and onions. Sliced fresh tomato with fresh basil, kosher salt and drizzled with aged Italian balsamic. Guatamalan fair trade organic coffee with stevia (the other white powder from Columbia) and hazelnut "real" cream.

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4 comments to “What to Eat / Not Eat”

  1. Where do you buy your stevia?

  2. The herbal place @ Carrot Common. Can you recommend a place?

  3. Nope. Noah's doesn't seem to have it – that's why I asked. I'd like to try it. Better than Splenda, methinks.

  4. Odd that Noah's doesn't carry it. Hm. I've found the Erba brand that I linked to in the post to be vastly superior, although I'm using a different "spoonable" kind at home now which seems fine. I try to carry the Erba packets with me when I'm out and about.It isn't as sweet as sugar, but that is ok with me. No aftertaste, no weirdness. Of all the non-sugar sweeteners, including Splenda (which is actually a sugar molecule bonded to a chlorine molecule – euw), I like stevia the best. 🙂

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