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What Am I Doing?

People always ask "what do I do?" I rarely answer cogently, which is ironic since some of the work I do involves helping people state clearly what they, or their organizations, do.

I prefer to answer the question "What Am I Doing?" For benefit of friends only, I'll be quite specific here. When I post more publicly, I will refrain from identifying the clients and the projects so clearly.

Three days a week, I'm at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) at the MaRS building, College/University. I'm helping the Director of IT sort out the contract / relationship with his managed IT services provider. This is a terribly politically sensitive job because of the long and entwined history between the IT services provider and OICR. It is also "political" in that HIS boss recommended me for this job – we did our MBAs together. Last week was my first week and I'm pleased with how it has gone so far. The Director seems to have relaxed a bit. This project will take me to July 11. In my more public posts, I'll call this Client Green.

One of the many interesting aspects of this job is that OICR is expanding at a phenomenal rate, bringing in all the cancer research organizations in the province, and so many of the world's top minds, under one roof. Estimating need for this expansion is interesting but I'm still all tingly when I walk into the MaRS building three days a week and share space with the smartest minds in the medical world.

There is a lot to be done here around clarifying business processes and who owns them. Or, who *should* own them. And then monetizing that.

Client Blue is Jet Reports (Canada). I'm helping the President, also my good friend for 10+ years, sort out her dealer channel. Software distribution channels are tricky at the best of times and this one is no different. We've been chewing through this for two weeks now and I think we have a good handle on it. I'm working on this roughly two days (12 hours) a week.

I'm helping another friend develop content for her website. Another friend had to sort out some business planning stuff with regard to defining what *she* does for a living and I have one more little piece to do here as soon as she sends me some stuff.

I have the Big Secret Project lurking out there, too. I'd love for LizWorks as a company to generate its own revenue without me having to, you know, work so damn hard. And part of the Barbados trip involved me trying to figure that out. I've got sumthin good, but the idea is only 10% of the battle … execution is the other 90% and, well, I'M BUSY! There is, after all, hockey to be played and weight to be lost and dogs to be walked …

All in good time, I figure … all in good time!

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