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Something In The Air?

In the past 12 hours …

  • a moderator of an online community that I also moderate has lost it with an annoying but harmless community member. She is not "getting it" that a mod can't do this. This outburst came out of the blue, the rough equivalent of suddenly turning to your "slow" cousin and demanding that she not be so slow. I'm trying to moderate the moderators and, not surprisingly, the one who lost it is becoming entrenched in her position, all defensive. I think I'll shut up now and drink my coffee quietly.
  • a dear friend is having a melt-down. My ex seems back on even keel (phew) and now our mutual dear friend is losing it. She does do this periodically and my heart goes out to her … but I can't help her, neither can my ex. In addition to having a wide range of health concerns, this friend struggles with bi-polar disorder, bouts of deep depression, loneliness, and demanding neediness. When she is in a good space, there is no one better to chat with, or to have a good laugh with. When her demons get hold of her, she has no perspective at all. I fear for her that one day she won't be able to recover from one of her depressions.
  • I saw the movie No Country For Old Men. I liked it more than I thought I would, but it is haunting. Javier Bardem is one scary dude. As usual, I adore Tommy Lee Jones. The questions this film poses about value systems, among other things, will stick with me for a while.

I think I just need to sit quietly today, maybe do some filing and cleaning, and hope the ground doesn't continue to shake quite so much.

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