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Food Meme II

Venus' Silly Food Meme II: Name strange food pairings or combos that shouldn't go together, but actually do work marvelously together. I'll start …

1. Salt AND sugar (carmelized) on popcorn.

2. Potato chips as crunchy condiment interiors to sandwiches. (Something I discovered in elementary school but found that some of my friends also used to do this.)

3. Any kind of fruit jam on scrambled eggs.

Aside: Do you think I'm being drawn towards food memes because of my diet? 😉

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3 comments to “Food Meme II”

  1. 1. Strawberries with cracked pepper and a splash of balsamic vinegar
    2. Chicken marbella – a recipe for chicken thighs with prunes and olives from the original Silver Palate cookbook
    3. Freshly boiled clams dipped in white vinegar (an east coast classic!)
    Hmm…the only other possible explanation for your meme obsession is pregnancy. I'll leave it to you to 'fess up!

  2. I'm a food-mixer. Food's just BETTER that way. If pressed, I'll confess to putting a dollop of sour cream on anything and everything. I haven't been disappointed yet.
    Boiled clams and white vinegar?? Nice. And even better with sour cream, of course.

  3. Speaking of vinegar, I know that some Americans find it strange that Canucks put vinegar on their french fries. I love it, esp. malt vinegar. And salt. mmmm

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