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Food Meme

Venus' Silly Food Meme: Name as many food pairings as you can that would not, under any circumstances, be a good pairing during a meal. As individual items, you must actually like each member of the food pairing but together … eeuuww!

1. Cheddar cheese and bean sprouts. (A friend experimented with this in high school. Euw!)

2. Sushi and dark chocolate.

3. Dill pickles and ice cream. (This from a woman who has never been pregnant.)

Can you make my list longer?

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5 comments to “Food Meme”

  1. chocolate mousse and palak paneer

  2. See, I wouldn't be able to put the peanut butter / cucumber combo as I don't like cucumbers … 🙂 … nice ones tho … anyone else?

  3. Orange juice and chocolate. Chocolate and cheddar cheese. Orange juice and cheddar cheese. I learned this the hard way, because when I was very short on funds, these were my favorite splurge items, which I would buy at the grocery store and invariably try to enjoy as soon as I got home. Except they do not want to be enjoyed at the same time, or even consecutively.

  4. Lots of people really like the pairing of orange and chocolate, but I agree with you … it is revolting! I wouldn't have thought orange juice and cheddar cheese were so bad, tho … I'll have to think of that next time I have an omlette with chees and a glass of orange juice (post-diet, of course).

  5. Actually, I'm one of those people who love chocolate infused with orange essence or cream. But not a piece of dark chocolate and a glass of orange juice. Similarly, a cheese omelet with orange juice is a treat. But a cold hunk of cheddar with a glass of O.J. is unthinkable. My taste buds are panicking at the very thought of it!On the same theme, around the holidays I bought a jar of cranberry mustard, which seemed like the sort of thing that would either work well or really (violently) not work at all. But I had some the other day with a piroshki and it was great.

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