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Once More Into The Breach …

In preparation for me going out and doing my thang, my brilliant web site support team has streamlined, fixed, patched, and otherwise tweaked my site.

This is actually now a platform from which I can launch my empire … bwa ha ha ha ha … I plan to add more content, particularly in the form of case studies, as they become available. As I develop a methodology for assessing client projects, and estimating costs and timelines, I plan to post that as well. (It will look strangely similar to the Capstone framework, for those of you who are familiar with that.) I think as much transparency as possible about costs and timeframes adds credibility.

I also plan to link to a yet-to-be-born vox blog focussed on business / communications / technology. One step at a time …

Other suggestions? I have entertained an ongoing debate about whether my business pursuits should be coupled with my creative life, as per the current site. I would entertain additional feedback on this, but so far have not been swayed to separate these elements. I like future business clients to have an idea of my full skill range, and my commitment to creative pursuits.

If anyone finds any cracks in the LizWorks armour, please do let me know.

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One comment to “Once More Into The Breach …”

  1. love the new lizworks, the flow of words that just keeps coming – excellent – it feels like you more than ever – you GO!

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