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8:20 a.m. Friday

So, at the aforementioned time, Dragon Lady calls me @ home from her cell phone, sweet as pie, and asks if I would consider 10 hours a week, on retainer, to do "only" marketing and communications.

When I did work for this company for the two years prior, I charged based on actual hours against specific projects. That hourly rate was negotiated in April 2005.  Of course, when we negotiated my full-time agreement, in May 2007, I agreed to cut my actual hourly "project" charge, considerably.

So, the rate from 2005 is now stale. I've been talking to a "career coach" who thinks I should double it, especially for this client, in consideration of pain and suffering. This concept makes me smirk, or occasionally grin. If she agreed to the doubled rate @ 10 hours a week, I'd be making close to what I'm making now, covering my basic monthly costs, spending money, a bit towards debt principle, and a chunk into savings. Meaning I wouldn't have to head back to teaching just yet.

I have two other clients waiting in the wings, one of whom will likely also pay the doubled rate for 10 hours a week for about six months (as I ballpark her projects with minimal information). 100% of that money would could towards savings and debt principle. This particular client has about six other business associates whom, she claims, "need me".

By quitting my job, I may have totally re-launched my consulting practice back into the world. Funny how that works …

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  1. Woo HOo!

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