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If this is Friday …

Knowing that there have been a few changes in my life lately, people have asked me "howzit going?" My standard response is "intense" and these last few days sort of demonstrate this.

Friday, Sept. 28: Drive to Ottawa (5 hrs) for birthday weekend

Saturday, Sept. 29: Birthday, birthday

Sunday, Sept. 30:
More birthday celebrating

Monday, Oct. 1:
Drive to Montreal from Ottawa (2 hrs) – big presentation on behalf of my new employer – went well – drive to Toronto (5 hrs)

Tuesday, Oct. 2:
Unpack / re-pack; Work from home meeting deadlines; leave early evening for Guelph; on the way out of town, buy a car. Happy Birthday to me!

Wednesday, Oct. 3:
Attend workshops @ University of Waterloo (starting at 7:30 a.m.); prepare big sales presentation for Thursday, struggle with pricing model; catch the last two minutes of the Toronto Maple Leaf home opener from my room in a b & b.

Thursday, Oct. 4:
Attend another workshop at 7:30 a.m.; fix pricing model; make presentation; drive back to Toronto, stop off to meet Thumper21 at Toronto FC game.

Friday, Oct. 5:
Unpack / re-pack / laundry; get ready for lunch appointment and about 1,000 errands that haven't been done; leave for airport for flight to Chicago this evening.

This is a bit more intense than I'm accustomed to. This doesn't mean that I don't like it … it just might take some getting used to!

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