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My Second Cup

My second cup of coffee this morning was a thing of beauty. 100% Guatamalan, fair trade, organically grown, strong, fresh and perfectly tweaked with just the right hints of sugar and real cream with French Vanilla flavouring. It sat, majestically, in its brand spanking new Hawaii thermal coffee mug, adorned with images of sea turtles, stylized in blue. Yes, it sat … and sat … and sat … and was still sitting, waiting for me, when I got home after work.


Hands up if you have left the perfect cup of coffee sitting on your kitchen counter in the morning. More than once.

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3 comments to “My Second Cup”

  1. Ha! It doesn't get any more disappointing does it? 🙂

  2. My hand is up. I've done this a lot with both tea and coffee. I've even left it sitting in the kitchen while I'm in the living room and forgotten about it.

  3. I have done a similar thing. Many years ago, when I was still with the Evil Ex, she dropped me off for work. The wee red car in which we both sat was perky, but when revved, sounded like an annoyed hair dryer. It went zero to 60 in about five minutes. It had, however, also transported a huge volume of camping gear all over – Manitoulin Island, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, P-town, northern Ontario – and had a valiant heart. It was also short, as the wheels were tiny for some reason, about the size of pie plates.
    I wish I had the excuse of having had an argument with Her Nastiness, but as it happened, it was a relatively low key parting. I got out, removed my fancy car mug full of delicious coffee, placed said mug on the car roof [ which was about eye height], grabbed my briefcase from the floor of the car, and then walked away.
    I heard the lawn mower roar and turned, but it was too late. Off it went, stuck by some chemical or physical force, perhaps the rubber bottom of the fancy car mug. I continued watching as it left the parking lot and turned south toward the QEW, a little speck of shininess on the right hand side of the bright red car roof. Ms Grumpy was oblivious, she had tunes on, but I wonder if anyone else saw it and tried to get her attention.
    By the time Ms Grumpy got to her place of employ, the mug and the coffee had met its fate.

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