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So I added two new bits to my blogroll. Cate and Ali are writing about knitting here. Except “writing about knitting” doesn’t really quite capture what is going on. Especially here.

I just discovered my neighbour’s blog, Seizure Salad, and really enjoyed it. It is from this blog that I steal the following link to a site called We Feel Fine. I need to spend much more time here and I just can’t this morning. It is the kind of site that can suck you in, bouncing, in my case, between the output of the methodology and the methodology itself. Bouncing between looking at the results, and wondering how the heck they did that.

In short, this site trolls the Internet, specifically blogs, every 10 minutes, looking for instances of the phrases “I feel” and “I am feeling”. It then presents the data in a sort of kaliedescope that a site visitor clicks on, randomly, and is presented with the snippet of blog that corresponds to the randomly selected point. A marriage of mathematics and art.

I must send this link to my friend, Bill Ralph, who produces art with algorithms. Fascinating.

Although, I suppose knitting is also art + mathematics, si?

Art – Tanya Davis Click Here To Comment!

Suzanne sent this link along in her annual New Year’s e-mail message. I think it is sweet and profound and definitely worth a few minutes of your time.  (Thanks, Suzanne!)

More Tanya Davis excerpts here. Enjoy!

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