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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Give Blood This Weekend 5 comments

10. It is probably the only time in your adult life that you'll get to eat Dad's Oatmeal Cookies.

9. The Dad's Oatmeal Cookies come with kinda yummy fake peach juice, in unlimited quantities.

8. When you donate for the first time you get a cool red and white enamel pin.

7. When you donate for the third time, you get an even BETTER cool red and white enamel pin!

6. *Some of the nurses are cute. (*Note qualifier.)

5. With all the fake blood you will see this weekend, it is grounding to spend time around the real stuff.

4. You will learn whether or not your iron levels are up where they should be (esp. women).

3. You can test your poise and composure as the very professional intake nurse asks you some very personal questions. In a very non-sexy, non-flirty way. (Don't flirt with this nurse.)

2. If you, or someone you care about, wind up in an unfortunate way (goddess forbid) and in need of blood products in the near future, you'll be grateful to every single person who donated in advance to help.

And, finally, the most important reason …

1. Canadian Blood Services is running critically low on blood products of almost every description and they need your blood. Now.

Here is a link to a clinic locator.

Go. It only takes a hour. It only hurts a little. Remember … there are cookies after! 🙂

Pass it on.

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