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Is Chinese Food Like Re-Purposed Blog Content? Click Here To Comment!

Possibly. I’ll let you decide.

The CheapEats Toronto Blog (go there NOW if you are even remotely interested in food in Toronto) recently re-purposed some content from another blog. Specifically, a TED presentation, about 16 minutes long, about the history and evolution of Chinese food in the United States. I’d love to see a Canadian analysis along the same lines someday. Funny and fascinating.

… what about what I had for dinner Saturday night? Click Here To Comment!

eMiLy and I wandered into Trimurti Saturday night, craving Indian food. Usually, to get my fix of curry, I head down to Gerrard and Coxwell and belly up to one of the bazillion lunch or dinner buffets there, and I'm mostly pretty happy about that.

No more.

This was, bar none, the BEST Indian food I've ever had – and I have eaten a LOT of naan, raita and gosht in my time. I believe eMiLy is in agreement with me on proclaiming the virtues of this place.

We had Saag Paneer, Butter Chicken (of course), Beef Madras, naan, raita, rice. The food took a long time to arrive, but it was so worth the wait. The butter chicken was smokey and complex, the saag paneer was much spicier, richer and – yes – more complex than I've had before. The gravy with the Beef Madras was heaven. Every bite was exquisite.

Run, don't walk, to Queen West, about half a block East of Babur next time the curry craving monster hits you. I'd be recommending it to Lex if it wasn't already in Cheapeats.

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