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Too Good To Be True 2 comments

As I sit here at lunch, dutifully consuming my homemade channa masala, brown rice and spinach salad … and lamb curry … I stumble across a description of a bacon chocolate bar.

Seriously? You can do that?


I think I want one. Just one. Or, just a taste. A teeny tiny little taste … just to see …

For The Record … 1 comment

I wish to state, categorically and emphatically, that Katja’s Auntie is not now, nor has she ever been, responsible for sending my diet off the rails. Her endless supply of dark, Lindt, 70% cocoa chocolate, the kind that melts sweetly and soothingly on the tongue while one is struggling through mind-numbing grading or class prep, delivered to my desk, for free, has NOTHING whatsoever to do with my decision to consume said morsels.

I’m a grown-up. I make my own decisions.

(… Geben Sie mir Schokolade und niemand sind verletzt …)

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Andy Borowitz’s discussion of Obama’s annoying habit of speaking in complete sentences made me laugh out loud. I APPLAUD HEARTILY the return of the English language to the colonies.

OK … back to work … If I had my camera here, I’d take a picture of the chocolate … alas … no camera …

Mooshed 2 comments

My brain is mooshed. Too much new information, too long a list of to do's. I feel paralyzed.

I just had an excellent home-made lunch, though. Toasted italian ham sandwich on multi-grain with dijon and sliced tomato plus a field green salad with cottage cheese and sesame seeds.

After eating, I discovered a mathematical error in some work I did this a.m. I think there is something to the connection between nutrition and brain function. I always thought it was caffeine and brain function.

In an effort to distract myself, I did try to get caught up on my Vox neighbours. There is biking, photographing, dangerous underage rope tricks and music going on out there. Very nice.

As for me, I did manage to go out last night with New Love and friends to hear Portuguese Fado music. Lovely to re-connect and hear some interesting new music. Unfortunately, New Love is looking a bit bruised and chipmunk like, having just undergone oral surgery a few days ago. But she seemed to enjoy the night out anyway. No slight intended to the concert – which was wonderful – bu the drugs probably helped … The concert is part of the first, hopefully annual, Luminato Festival. Looks like it has been a smashing success overall.

Tonight, New Love begins the first in a series of rituals that will culminate in a "Mikvah" in a few weeks, meaning that she will have completed her conversion to Judaism. I'll be helping to hold up the "huppa" tonight, along with her (also non-Jewish) adult daughter and son. The end, or perhaps the beginning, of an interesting journey for her.

Tomorrow, we attend a chi-chi wedding at the RCYC. Neither of us being RCYC kinda people, this should be sweet and vaguely unsettling.

Sunday, New Love's daughter's birthday dinner, one week overdue.

I don't know when the mooshy feeling will end, probably when I cease living my life with one foot in one place and the other somewhere else. Soon, I hope.

I need chocolate.

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