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When The Gods Seek To Punish … Click Here To Comment!

Me: Wow – it is 7:35 p.m. and here I am, home from an early hockey game. After … how many nights in a row out/entertaining? … I can relax for an evening. Put my feet up. Watch a hockey game. Putter around. Maybe answer some of the … let's see … 48 e-mails waiting for me … write something interesting … set up the new blogs … great!

Big smile on my face. 🙂

EXACTLY two minutes later, the gods of such things responded with the second false fire alarm in as many days. It is now 8:31 p.m. and the piercingly loud alarm, the kind that makes you want to rip the speaker out of the wall, is STILL sounding. The fire department has been and left. And still the alarm goes. On and on …

Yes, I have a "nice evening at home". No, it is not quiet. NOT amused. 🙁

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