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Be Stroganoff! 2 comments

Folks who have been following along with Facebook updates will know that the lovely Knotty Girl’s mother is in hospital, ICU in fact, and struggling. Each day, it seems, brings some new piece of unhappy information or new medical complication of some kind. It is a sad, stressful time and we hope she can turn a corner soon.

Moments of brightness and levity can be few and far between, but there have been a couple. Here is one of my favs: KG and I were texting early on in this saga and, if memory serves, she had just been informed that her mother needed extensive, high-risk surgery. Details were exchanged and, having run out of helpful things to say, I texted, “Be strong!”

Or, I thought I did. Just before I hit “send”, I noted that my iPhone had helpfully corrected this to “Be Stroganoff!”

I left it in. It is a measure of my vegetarian girlfriend’s fortitude that she thought it was funny, too, even in this horrible moment.

So, I encourage my darling readers to adopt this as your rallying cry, in those moments where strength is needed, and humour helpful, simply … Be Stroganoff!

Fluffy Mackerel Pudding, Anyone? Click Here To Comment!

In case you missed it on FaceBook, here is a snippet and link to a wonderful tour of Weight Watchers Recipe Cards, circa 1974. These recipe cards, and most particularly the commentary provided by our tour guide, will have you in hysterics. Don the Depends … the Fluffy Mackerel Pudding represents, well, three words I wouldn’t have expected to see in the same sentence. Fluffy. Mackerel. Pudding. However, the one that has me clutching myself, repeatedly, is the commentary/photo for Chicken Liver Bake.

clipped from www.candyboots.com
de-liver us from evil

Watchers recipe cards from 1974

I found them while
helping my parents clean out their basement a few years ago.
They were neatly arranged in their own plastic file box. Plenty
of the dishes seemed normal enough, but as I flipped through
them, some of the recipes began to alarm me. And then I found
the card for the “

I fell over. Like
I Iaughed so hard I started coughing and I fell back on the floor
and I waved the card at my mom, who just rolled her eyes. “Can
I please have these? Please?” I begged. “What
do you want them for?” she asked. “To cook?” “No,”
I said. She let me have them. I think they might have been my
grandma’s, but she never copped to actually buying them. Nobody
else did, either.

Dehydrated onion
flakes are in almost everything here. Apparently Weight Watchers
dieticians depended heavily on dried onion flakes, and pimientos,

They also had a
prop department that was clearly out of control. Oh, you’ll see.

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Parliamentary Logic 1 comment

Our elected representatives in Ottawa, by definition, represent the people of Canada. They are, therefore, “us”.

If parliament is suspended, or “prorogued” as the constitutional language suggests, WE have been suspended …. or “prorogued”.

We would therefore be a nation of the suspended … or, “prorogue-ees”, if you will.

Pass the sour cream.

Richard Gere, Please Stand Down 1 comment

Here is a Very Serious Choir Video from England. Sometimes it is difficult to understand the words that choirs are singing, so the video producer has provided very handy subtitles.

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