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Angle Three – The Soundtrack 2 comments

Adding an iPod to the cycling experience is brilliant, for me anyway. I am prone to boredom, well, not boredom so much as irritation as I ask myself why the hell I'm doing something that hurts so much, or takes so long, or seems  repetitive and fruitless. Somehow, the music shuts down the Type A part of my brain that insists, always erroneously, that I should Be Somewhere Else, or Doing Something More Productive. Listening to music is, somehow, always productive and worthwhile for me.

A few highlights …

  • circling around the edge of a picturesque lake, with farms on my left and water to my right as the Puppini Sisters launched into a faithful rendition of Old Cape Cod
  • waving at cows who stared back, or ignore me entirely, as I stood on my pedals, grooving to the Scissor Sisters' I Don't Feel Like Dancing
  • laughing out loud while slogging up a long, slow hill as Julie Andrews camps up Alan Jay Lerner's My Love Is A Married Man

My love is a married man
I'm a marital also-ran
Tho I love him so, does he love me – no
I'll never enter his life, because he's true to his wife

My dreams abundant, are redundant
And they fall very short
The ship I hoped for, sat and moped for
Docked in someone else's port

The man who controls my heart
Has a conjugal counterpart
And her dinner meals are enough he feels
He'll never have to go a la carte

  • Sia's Day Too Soon (Mock & Toof Edit) … mmmm … not the original girl with guitar version but the funky one with the bass riff and the bongo drums. Can't find this on YouTube.
  • singing along with Jully Black on Seven Day Fool, scaring the creatures by the side of the road
  • Maroon 5, Figure It Out … Let's go!
  • Coldplay Viva La Vida (on repeat, thanks very much) … Strawberry Swing (it is such a perfect day, such a perfect day …) … Lost (no, really, I'm not, and boy it is hard to keep up with the hand claps AND keep the bike on the road) … Death and All His Friends (… so come over, just be patient and don't worry …try … ) … 42 (you didn't get to heaven, but you made it close … )
  • Puppini Sisters Walk Like An Egyptian

PS – Although I don't have this on my iPod, I just found this on YouTube … the Puppini Sisters ROCK!!!

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Gym Memo 2 comments

To: The Guy On The Elliptical Machine Next To Me

Date: Yesterday

I admire your determination and focus. You look very purposeful. Bravo!

Just for the record, I have a 20-30% hearing loss across certain frequency ranges. Can't hear conversation, which is annoying. Like you and many others, I like using my iPod as an exercise aid. It is possible that my iPod is slightly louder than other people's iPods, I'll grant you that.

However, I need to say that, given my hearing loss AND the noise from my own raucous iPod tunes … I should NOT be able to hear the guitar rifts and lyrics from your iPod.

I'm jus sayin' …

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Musical Nostalgia Click Here To Comment!

I'm having great fun loading music into my new iPod thingie. I find myself drawn to music that already has layers of

memory to it.

For example, Joni Mitchell's live album from the early 70's, Miles of Aisles, has been with me all throughout my 20's, while living, laughing, loving my way through the Niagara Region.  There is geography attached to this album … I also remember it as  the soundtrack to my first drive to the Michigan Women's Music Festival in 1990. This album has seen me through about 10 different apartments, break-ups and earnest coffee klatches in which the impact of post-modern thought on feminism were discussed. Now, it comes with me to Hawaii for a new layer of memory.

Jane Siberry is another nostalgia trip for me. I have specific memories for specific songs, often involving driving … occasionally involving sobbing … or my friend Trix and I obsessively hitting "repeat" on The Taxi Ride when she was getting over a particularly bad heartache.

80's retro stuff reminds me of the crazy L/G (there was no B/T or "queer" at the time) dances and intense crushes I had when I was just coming out. Erasure, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys … yep … all comes back to me. Huey Lewis and the News makes me think of driving along the Welland Canal in St. Catharines, windows down, music blaring, shades on, groovin' … I wanna new drug

I think iPods make it possible for people to re-connect with their nostalgia trips, musically. I'm the kind of person who associates particular visuals or conversations or people with particular songs. When I hear the song, I'm taken back to a special moment in time. Wondering if this happens to others – what songs or artist take you right back? And, where do they take you to?

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