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I. Am Losing. My Mind. 10 comments

Some loyal and valiant readers will recall that I bought a watch in April that I loved. I don’t much care for loving “things” but this watch, as soon as I put it on, was mine. It was “me”. Sturdy, solid … a bit shiny.

Perhaps my readership will not remember me acquiring the watch as it was a quiet little love affair I was having with it that I got very noisy about when it ended. The watch disappeared. Lost? Stolen? Misplaced? Gone for a long walk out for milk? Hard to say. I’ve turned my apartment inside out looking for it. Gone.

After months of mourning, and watching sales, I finally took a deep breath last week and replaced the watch with a very very similar watch. Same make. Similarly sturdy, solid, shiny. My affections were immediately tranferred.

I showed my new watch off, imagining permanence and stability. I showed my students, who tired of me glancing at my phone to check the time, making me seem like a very distracted professor indeed.

Unlike other parts of my life, I’m a one-watch kinda girl. I only need one. It has to be “the” one. In watchdom, I am monogamous.

I clearly remember seeing the watch in my locker last night as I was getting dressed after working out. I remember putting it on and hearing the satisfying click of the watch band snapping into place.

This morning … gone. I have looked everywhere and I am on the verge of being late to depart to campus. Gone. I’ve looked EVERY possible place. Every pocket, every surface, every drawer it might have fallen into. I have called the gym and no watch was turned in last night, just in case my memory is truly faulty.

As I have said before, I DO NOT lose expensive things like this. This is not a $1.99 K-Mart special. I am a careful person, especially with things that matter to me.

WTF is going on here, other than the universe toying with my watch affections …????

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