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Food Meme 5 comments

Venus' Silly Food Meme: Name as many food pairings as you can that would not, under any circumstances, be a good pairing during a meal. As individual items, you must actually like each member of the food pairing but together … eeuuww!

1. Cheddar cheese and bean sprouts. (A friend experimented with this in high school. Euw!)

2. Sushi and dark chocolate.

3. Dill pickles and ice cream. (This from a woman who has never been pregnant.)

Can you make my list longer?

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Gimme 1-2-3-4-5 6 comments

Meme borrowed from Red Pen who borrowed from Bookmole. Just one happy buncha borrowers here …

Name one thing you do everyday.
Give thanks, on some level, for something. For everything. Health. Abundance. Friends. Laughter. Joy. Love.

Name two things you wish you could learn.
To play one musical instrument (either guitar or piano) effortlessly and joyfully.

To speak French well. I'd settle for competently.

Name three things that remind you of your childhood.
The smell of fresh mown hay or grass.

The way light slants in my window at the end of the day – reminds me of our west-facing windows and the late-day sun filtering through trees.


Name four things you love to eat but rarely do.

(This speaks to my level of self-restraint insofar as if I love to eat something, I just eat it. So I'm struggling with the "rarely" part …)

Eggplant sandwich from Future Bakery @ St. Lawrence Market

Szechuan Beef (deep fried, essentially candied, beef strips in a spicy glaze …dear god …)

Scallops, cooked just so

Those deep fried onion bits that you buy to use as toppings on salads. I discovered that in Denmark these are offered to top hot dogs from street vendors and they are yummy. But, I'm not in Denmark all that often, so I guess that counts as "rarely".

Name five things that make you feel good.
An excellent meal with good friends

A smile, given or received

A hug, given or received

Comments on my blog postings

Music, whether I'm listening or playing

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Eight Things (meme re-visited) 3 comments

A challenge has issued forth at my other online home for members to list eight things that might not be well known about themselves. Not five, but eight, for some mysterious reason. Hm.

Well, let's see. It is pretty well known that I'm a fan of Dame Julie Andrews. And that I like to cook. And that I like music. And that my favourite colour is green. What else could there be?

1. I've never watched a complete episode of the Simpsons, beginning to end. In fact, great chunks of pop culture have passed me by. The Simpsons, South Park, Trailer Park Boys, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Six Feet Under, The Apprentice … all of it goes whoosh over my head. I have learned how to say "D-oh" and when to say it … but the subltey of its meaning is lost on me.

2. However, I do own both of the Lara Croft TombRaider movies on DVD.  Do I really need to explain this? (There were only two, right?)

3. I've never been stoned. Drunk, yes, in varying degrees. Once, in first year university, I was in a very tiny residence room, about the size of a broom closet, with about 14 other people and three or four joints were being passed around. I don't smoke (can't smoke) and so I was just sitting there in this haze of second hand pot smoke. That may have had some effect as I don't have much more memory of that night other than waking up on another floor in someone else's room. Wait, that might have been the alcool and lemonade that was going around in giant plastic McDonald's drink cups. After all these years of imploring friends to do some baking for me, to my knowledge, it hasn't happened. I assume I would know if it had.

4. I'm not afraid of heights but I'm terrified of falling. I'm not sure how to explain this other than to say that it doesn't bother me to go up to the top of the CN Tower and, in fact, to spend loads of time there. However, the most nightmarish dreams I have are of falling from a tall building.

5. I have something visible – a trinket, work of art, book, bauble … something – from almost every lover in my past somewhere in my apartment. Someone who was over on New Year's Eve referred to these as my "trophies" and that made me uncomfortable. I prefer to think I have woven past experiences into the tapestry of my present life, just as their influence on me is woven into who I am. A mentor of mine had the ugliest charcoal sketch ever of his first lover prominently displayed in every house he lived in. It was a mark of how far a person had been let into the circle if you knew a) that it was his first lover and b) his name, as this ugly sketch subject/first lover evolved into one of Canada's most famous authors.

6. I'm almost always fighting the sense that I should be doing something else, or that I'm behind schedule. This makes it hard to relax and, specifically, makes it hard to do something I used to love to do – to concentrate long enough to get into a book … to read for pleasure. I miss that terribly.

7. I love roller coasters and almost any scary ride at theme parks, especially if it goes really fast and spins me upside down.  A lot.

8. In August 2005, Martina Navratilova autographed my copy of her autobiography, which I purchased in 1986. Wow. Cool. 

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