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Too Good To Be True

As I sit here at lunch, dutifully consuming my homemade channa masala, brown rice and spinach salad … and lamb curry … I stumble across a description of a bacon chocolate bar.

Seriously? You can do that?


I think I want one. Just one. Or, just a taste. A teeny tiny little taste … just to see …

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2 comments to “Too Good To Be True”

  1. Yup – you can do bacon chocolate bars, bars with rock salt, bars with curry, bars with chili peppers, bars with lavender, bars with olives…and on it goes. Check out Vosges Chocolates online. I took the time to visit their shop and taste their wares while I was in Chicago. Unbelievable!

  2. Olives? Curry?

    Where have I been … under a rock? 😉

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