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BI #2 – Burger Click Here To Comment!

I'm swapping out the Big Mac for the burger pictured below. This is a Wimpy's Jr. ( 6 oz.) burger, w/onion rings. And all the fixin's, as they say.

Something is going awry. The first few bites were heavenly, then I was pretty much done. I coulda, shoulda, stopped there but I didn't. I ate half the onion rings. That is a diet coke in the background which I left most of behind.

At one time, I would have jumped in and downed this whole plate in less than 10 minutes.

I think the trick, in the future, to "indulge", is to order the burger, skip the onion rings, and just eat half the burger. I'm not "trained" to throw food out – it feels wasteful. But maybe, once in a while, I need to learn.

As for the onion rings, they were "ok", but not worth the caloric investment. I did get a big hit of "whoa – CNE midway!" when they set the plate down in front of me, and that was fun. The best onion rings I ever had were in a restaurant that no longer exists in St. Catharines and featured a crispy corn meal coating, and almost no grease. Those, I would not be able to leave behind.

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Planning To Fall Off The Wagon 4 comments

Here is a partial list of the foods I plan to eat in my birthday week, starting with Jeffmas on Sept. 27: 

  • KFC (one piece only – that stuff'll kill ya … )
  • Big Mac
  • Pasta with blue cheese, asparagus, shrimp and pancetta
  • Indian Food @ Trimurti
  • Blue cheese on anything (everything?)
  • Ace bakery baguette with some kind of crumbly old cheese (probably not the whole baguette …)
  • Bacon
  • Sausage (the good stuff)
  • Portuguese Custard Tart
  • Dark chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Cookies from Tim Horton's
  • Cake, preferably chocolate, with icing
  • Butter cookies from Kaivalya
  • A cheesy croissant
  • If Lex were to volunteer gnocchi,  I wouldn't turn'em down.

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It Is Fun To Be One! Click Here To Comment!

Enjoy it while you can, kid! Soon, you'll be watching your carb intake like everybody else.

Actually, maybe he has the right idea and we should be spreading our food all over ourselves instead of actually ingesting it … hm … if I had waited about three minutes to take this pic, the young gentleman would be displaying chocolate cake around his eyebrows and behind his ears.

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